DJ Service

disc-32390_1280Choosing a DJ for your event can be difficult. There are so many companies out there to choose from. We provide each of our clients with help for planning their event. We make sure to meet with our clients and go over all of the details prior to the event to ensure everything is a success. Our greatest compliment is when we have a client thank us for making sure that their guests had a great time! We take the stress out of event planning! We know each event has individual needs and deserve detailed attention. We don’t just show up and play music.

Preparation advice and consultation

We can help you choose:

  • Appropriate Music
  • All Special Dances
  • Games and or Activities

We can handle all the announcements:

  • Guest of Honor Arrival
  • DJ & Crowd Interaction
  • Explaining Games and Activities
  • Keeping The Atmosphere Fun and Energetic

Unlimited requests:

  • Requests normally are mixed into the playlist but can be retrieved within minutes sometimes as the next song.
  • Request not fitting to the predetermined format will be tactfully denied.
  • You have the final option over any musical choices.
  • We now provide the ease of during party direct text to the DJ for requests!

No charge set up or tear down:

  • Set up can take up to two hours before and tear down one hour after the party.
  • Sorry no music will be played during set up or tear down.


  • Covering All Genres
  • 100% Profanity Free (if requested)
  • 100% Digital and Seamless
  • Huge Musical Selection
  • No Scratches, Skips or Unintentional Stops
  • Covering the Favorite Classics Until the Sounds of Today
  • We can provide the most current billboard hits out.


  • We provide proven effective entertainment all as planner options for your choosing.
  • Optional Dinner Activities
  • Bouquet and Garter Activities
  • Traditional Party Games
  • Fun and Unusual Games Options

Physical and online planning aids are provided after the signing, helping organize:

  • Arrival Announcements
  • Grace
  • Table Release
  • Appreciation
  • First Dances
  • Special Requests
  • Favorite Music Choices
  • Any Party Games or Activities
  • Unlimited Must Play and Do Not Play Lists
  • Any Other Ideas or Plans

Other types of planners to ask for include:

  • Ceremony Planner (Cues and Music Planning)
  • Birthdays, Reunions or Agenda Type Planners
  • Guest Involvement Codes for Online Guest Request Planning
  • I am also always open to advise with any planning. Just Call, (260)610-7080

Musical entertainment an important part of your wedding reception.

These include cocktail or dinner music and enhancements for large events. Our sound system is a professional, state of the art, capable of entertaining large and small parties. Our music covers the eras of Big Band, Show tunes, Country, the 30’s to 90’s and 00’s favorites, as well as all the latest releases.

The music is the last memory that your guests will take with them, so we like to make sure that your wedding really goes out with a bang!

To us, DJ’ing isn’t just about pushing the play button. It is about mixing and blending the music, and more importantly using the records to create an atmosphere within the room, bringing people of different ages and musical backgrounds together. This comes from having natural DJ’ing talent as well as years of experience, watching the way people react to music of differing styles and tempos. To us, DJ’ing isn’t just a job, but a pure passion. We will consult with you before your big day to discuss exactly what you would like from us. Which genres/artists/songs we play are totally up to you. We will then use our professional skill and judgment to blend the music, and play the right song at the right time throughout the evening to create an electric atmosphere.
  • Birthdays Parties
  • Bar or Bat Mitzvah
  • Any Type Reunion
  • Graduations
  • Corporate Events
  • Car Shows
  • Hog Roasts
  • Fund Raisers
  • Holiday Parties
  • Any Type of Shower
  • Block Parties
  • Theme Parties

Theme Parties

If the event is costume based, your guests will know the type of party they are attending and there is no telling who will be the most creative with his or her costume. Any party can be a theme party.

Why have a theme?

Why not? people want to do something a little different now and then, right? What fun it would be dancing and playing games based on the party theme for the evening. With the right amount of planning, people will never forget how much fun they had at your party! If your thinking about throwing a theme party for someone, to decide on the type of party consider what they love or are into. For example their favorite character, movie, food, activity part of history or place can give a great start for a surprise theme.

Here are a few ideas for themes:

    • Asian Celebrations
    • Casino Night or Game Show Theme
    • Celebrate America
    • Fabulous 50′s
    • Fathers or Mothers day “Famous People or Family”
    • Glow Crazy or Techno Glow
    • Island Fever or Hawaii Luau
    • Beach Party Bingo
    • Soda Shop 50′s, Rock 60′s, Disco 70′s, Retro 80′s
    • Rock and Roll Rock-star, Hairbands
    • Safari
    • Broadway Musical Theme
    • Beatles Mania
    • South of the Border with Fiesta
    • Sports
    • Summer Fun
    • Hollywood “Any Era”
    • The Balloonery
    • Viva L’italia
    • Western Round-up
    • Black and White Masquerade Ball or Just Masquerade
    • Vintage Carnival
    • Murder Mystery “With Surprise Ending”
    • Night in Havana
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • 13 Superstitions Party
    • Oscar Fashioned Pre-Show Party (With Red Carpet)
    • Clothing Fashion Show or Design
    • Barbi and Ken Dress-Up Theme
    • Story Book Theme
    • Big Band Era
    • Christmas in July
    • House Worming Parties
    • Farewell Parties
Almost any idea can be made into a theme party. Build some excitment for your next party and make it theme based!

Just think of how many fun ways you can have your party.

Optional Popular Party Games

  • Hokie Pokie
  • Chicken Dance
  • Limbo Rama
  • The Macarena
  • The Y.M.C.A
  • Do the Twist Dance Contest
  • Conga “Harry Belafonte/Locomotion/Ride the Trian”
  • “Wedding” Garter, Six Chair Game
  • “Wedding” Garter, Candy Toss for Boys
  • “Wedding” Bouquet, Teddy-Bear for Girls
  • “Wedding” Dollar Dance, or Dash
  • Electric Slide “Original, New Mixed or 90’s Club”
  • Cupid Shuffle
  • The Casper Slide
  • Anniversary Dance “Count Up”

Optional Less Popular Games

  • Harlem Shuffle
  • Hand Jive “From Grease”
  • Balloon-Dance Game
  • Hula “Hoop-A-Thon”
  • The Family Dance
  • Pass the Buck/Plate/or Musical Chairs
  • “Lets Make a Deal Game”
  • Cucumber Pass
  • T.P. Unroll Race/T.P. Mummy Race/T.P. Toss